Welcome to Taigha

The best software is created when you "scratch your own itch."
Well, that's exactly what we did.

Taigha was created out of our own need as a real estate and property management company. We were constantly on the hunt for a tool that would make it easy for all stakeholders to do their work effectively—something agents would use, customers would like, and property owners could depend on. Most tools have lead capture and conversion down, but few tools help you handle the work AFTER the lead is converted. Add in property management and the results were zero.

There was no end-to-end real estate and property management solution on the market. So, we built it ourselves.

Taigha is led by Krishna Regupathy of Krishna Realty. Krishna brings with him a 17-year technology background in engineering management plus 15 years in real estate.

The team at Taigha uses our own software every day. We truly have built something we can be proud of, and we know you'll love using Taigha as well.